Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This morning's efforts

I try to practice a bit of Japanese each morning with B. I am hopeful that doing a little bit each day will be enough for him to become bilingual. I read that children need about 30% of their day to be in the minority language in order to become bilingual, so I might have to settle for fluent.

That's still better than me! I think we are doing enough for him to become fluent.

If I leave work on the table, he will sometimes do it. I'm not sure why. I think he likes the positive attention and he thinks it is funny to work ahead of me. I only make him do work from his workbook once a week, when he does his Japanese school homework. I leave it on the table in case he wants to do some, though.
This morning he did a page from his workbook (It's a cute hamster workbook that I got for $2 at Yokoyawa). I tried to put in a picture but I can't seem to size it correctly. I think I will have to start a Picasa album.
While he ate breakfast, I read him two picture books.
After breakfast, he watched three episodes of Pocoyo on YouTube. Pocoyo seems to have been translated into a lot of different languages and it is very funny, so it is working out well. B seems to be picking up vocabulary from it.

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