Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Might have to move to fundamentals class

At the preschool level, the children mostly play. So in Japanese school, it hasn't mattered much that B can't speak fluent Japanese.

Now that he is going into grade 1, he'll have to do actual class work in Japanese. In one of his schools, they wait until grade 2 before the children are divided. But in his second school, the fundamentals class (where they learn how to speak Japanese) starts in grade 1.

Something tells me that the reason his teacher told me that she wants to talk to me about next year is because she wants him to go into fundamentals.

I guess part of me had been hoping that he'd be fluent by now, even though I knew I hadn't been doing enough and I myself am not fluent.

It's obvious that the only way he's going to become fluent is if I become fluent. I think if I let him go on his own he will become comfortable but not fluent. He likes learning languages because he likes people so he needs people to talk to.

I wish we could afford to go to Japan this summer.

I wonder if he can catch up or if he is already too far behind?

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