Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A fun challenge

Each morning,  I am trying to speak only in Japanese for as long as possible.

It's been 3 days. My record so far is about 20 minutes. I am going to keep trying - maybe I'll get all the way to school drop off! I have a few phrases I need to learn how to say so I'm going to spend some time tomorrow morning studying.

I think this is the type of thing that encourages me to use more Japanese. It occurs to me that if I can get to breakfast, I could just read to him in Japanese until it's time to leave for school. Should I let that count or does it need to be conversation?

The toy continues to be used and to be loud.

We have been practicing hiragana, but today he complained about it even though we've only been doing a few minutes at a time (I show him a character and some things that start with that character, then he writes the character 5 times). I'll cut this for a bit.

Other things I'm working on:

I have another friend who is willing to help teach me Mandarin. I now just have to make a plan beyond vocabulary building, which is all I have been doing so far.

B asked for.a play date with a kid from his Japanese school, and somehowly this is looking like not only will he get play dates, but we might be forming a Japanese playgroup (although maybe you don't call it a playgroup when all the children are school aged?) My hopes are already high because not only are the kids fun and well behaved, their parents are friendly and seem interested in being friends. One mom I'm already friends with because she's the one who suggested the school.

I am feeling like this is possible. He might not be fully trilingual, which is the goal, but I think he will get pretty close by the time he's a teenager. And by then he might have different goals. It's hard to say how much my influence affects his goals - I did choose Japanese, but he chose Mandarin because he's  got friends who speak Mandarin.

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