Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The need to keep things fresh

I'm going to attempt to insert a picture into this post. I think this will be a better log of our efforts if I can show some of the things we make and do. It also will help me solve the problem of what to do with all the crafts he makes in class. (Although the paintings and pictures I am keeping in a portfolio. This probably wouldn't work if he was one of those kids who really enjoys art).

When I first bought this workbook (at Yokoyawa which is basically Daiso), B wasn't very interested in it. But he would do a character per day. Last month he suddenly decided he liked it and would randomly do multiple pages at a time.

He had a bit of trouble because he wanted to do them by himself. I'm going to keep this to show him when he is a teenager. 

Now, not even a month later, he complains every time I ask him to do a character. So I think we will drop the writing workbook for now. I'll leave it out once in awhile to see if he is interested, but he's got lots of other things to practice. 

This week in class, the homework is figuring out first floor, second floor, third floor, and the related phrases/questions. Which floor is the toy shop on? What is under the bookshop?

The teacher gave us a picture to practice with, and I think tomorrow we will build a 3 storey structure out of Lego bricks and use that to practice with over the weekend. 

The card game is still working well! I continue to add more cards. He keeps winning so he tries to share his cards with me. 

I just have to keep changing our activities. He's a bit young to sit down and do homework; we're lucky that he likes to sit and look at books so I can read to him a lot. 

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