Monday, February 29, 2016

Little bits

I'm hoping it's true that the little bits add up. This morning I read three picture books to him. (One was a vocabulary book; it had a picture on each page with a word under it so it wasn't very difficult). We played the card game. We tried to speak in Japanese. He played the MindSnacks Japanese app on the iPad.
Yesterday I wrote 'ha' on a piece of paper and drew 6 objects. He named each object and circled the ones that started with ha. Then he wrote ha 6 times. I made another sheet like this with 'ka' for tomorrow morning, when we'll also do his Japanese school homework.

We might not get ten hours every week, but we seem to be progressing. He is using more and more Japanese, but mostly with me, so I sometimes have to look things up and tell him later. Right now it's pretty cute though. He mostly says 'dekita!' (Done) and 'yada' (I won't do it). Other than that he's trying to ask 'where?' or to ask for help.

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