Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cute things

This week skating ended, which frees up an afternoon. B somewhat enjoyed it - it was a bit harder than he expected. He wanted to quit, and I told him that he could but that he might want to be able to skate. He kept going, although he did think it was too hard. 

I've been getting lots of pictures and notes. The notes in English are whatever letters he decided to put down with his name (he then asks us what it says) but the notes in Japanese he asks for help with, so they're little messages. One says "I love mom". He's still in the stage where he puts letters wherever they will fit, and he does this in Japanese as well. 

I am making little books. I fold sheets of paper in half, then stack them together with a thicker piece on top and sew them together in the middle. I covered the seam on the outside with a piece of scrapbook paper. This looks nice but I think I will go get washi tape and use that. Washi tape is so fun but it's not something I've had a use for before. Now I just need to decide what to use the books for. 

I was thinking about making a hiragana workbook, but we have a couple of good ones. At least one of the little books can be a vocabulary workbook though - I can draw/trace pictures of things and then write the word under or beside it. It's nicer for B if there are not as many on a page, and I can use more individualized objects - things he likes to play with or to eat or things he owns. 

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