Monday, March 21, 2016

How much the second language is costing (in money)

Bilingualism can be expensive. I don't think French will cost as much, since we can teach him a lot at home and he has several friends who are learning French whom he can practice on, but if he changes his mind and picks Mandarin instead, it will cost more than Japanese because we have no background knowledge at all.

A lot of Japanese has to be outsourced. I'm finding that there is a lot that I wasn't even aware that I didn't know, so I'm grateful that we have the classes available. We have spent more on books than I thought but because they have to come from Japan, they are more expensive. I do borrow some books from the library and should probably do more of that rather than buying because expenses are mounting and we are running out of space. I am also considering just doing one school next year because he wants to do a martial art and there are only so many days of the week, but we are concerned about decreasing because he really has progressed a lot.

Here is this school year's breakdown (August 2015 - present):

Preschool camp during summer, 3 weeks, half days: $420
School 1 (2.5 hours per week): $780 for the year
School 2 (2.25 hours per week): $550 so far (I think, haven't dug out the receipts)
We have to sign up for the next set so that will be another $260.

Books: $300
Plus we received some books as gifts.
We have bought a few workbooks, maybe $20

In previous years, we spent less:
School last year: $770
Books last year: $250

The year before he just had music class and a babysitter who spoke Japanese but we bought more books.

The first year he just had the music class and he didn't have that for the whole year. We spent about $200 on books.

We're pretty lucky that we can afford these.

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