Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's almost a craft

B is not very interested in crafts. He will draw a picture as a gift, and when he does, it's an interesting picture with lots of animals, but he generally chooses other things to do.

However, he's very much of the mindset that he'll try anything once. So this morning we made and labelled little cutout shapes.

I drew the outline and he added details. It's a good way to get the product he wants while still getting him to do some drawing. Eventually he drew a star by himself.

After we stuck the hiragana stickers on the back, he tried to fit the shapes back into the paper to make a puzzle, but I think we had flipped the paper in between the fish and the car so it didn't work. A puzzle would be a good idea if I could make it. I have one of those blank puzzles. 

He is planning on selling these. Prices range from $6 to $1000. 

We were both pleased by the results. And it seems like a good way to practice his hiragana recognition. I'm not sure he will want to do it again but it was a pleasant activity. I'd say he recognizes shi, ku, and n of the characters we were looking for today. He found the other characters by singing the hiragana song. (The characters were in order on the sheets)

I found the stickers at the Japanese $2 store. They are labelled seals. I'm probably going to have to buy more, because we use 'n' a lot.

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